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Diploma and B. Tech in Mining

October 25 ,2021    by S. K. Prasad
Diploma and B. Tech in Mining

USHA MARTIN UNIVERSITY, Ranchi, began to offer Diploma programmes in Mining Engineering since its inception in 2017. The offer of Degree programmes in Mining 2019 was added in 2019. It has emerged as a premier Institute of learning in Jharkhand. The state of Jharkhand has been blessed by Mother Nature with rich and diverse mineral resources amounting to nearly 40% of the total national mineral reserves and 27 % of total Coal reserves available in India. (Some of the abundant minerals include Limestone, Dolomite, Manganese, Mica, China clay, Fire clay, Quartz, Feldspar, Gold , pyroxene and Bauxite.) It has maximum coal reserves. It occupies 2nd position in Iron and 3rd position in copper ore reserves. Presently, the annual production of Jharkhand is above 160 million tonnes of coal & various types of minerals. In monetary terms, it is worth Rs.150 billion and generating mineral revenue to the tune of about Rs. 35 billion. Jharkhand is the sole producer of Uranium in the country.

In view of the availability of so much natural treasure in the state, there are ample opportunities of employment. According to experts, in the next five years, there will be half a million new jobs in public sector undertakings (PSU) such as Coal India, where a mining diploma engineer can join as Junior executive trainee or graduate trainee in SAIL. Similarly, graduate mining engineers can be employed by private mine owner such as TATA, RUNGTA, USHA MARTIN, SAINIK MINING etc. Mining Engineers are also being employed by Explosive manufacturer such as ICI, IDL, IEL, Nav Bharat Explosive etc . Graduate mining engineers are also being employed by equipment manufacturers like HEC, BHEl, L & T etc . Engineers who have inclination towards research can join CMFRI(Dhanbad) or a technical Institute like.ISM(IIT) and BIT located in Dhanbad. Graduate mining engineers can also join DGMS & IBM through UPSC and also State service as AMO and in Jharkhand State mineral development Corporation.

As such, mining is the one of the most hazardous jobs and safety of those working in underground mines is the most important consideration. Therefore only those mining engineers can work underground who have earned Gas Testing certificate issued by DGMS. To be eligible for appearing in Gas Testing examination, one must have lamp handling certificate. Usha Martin University is authorized to issue lamp handling certificate as it has installed its gas testing Laboratory and imparts good training to its students.

The salary and career growth while working in mines is very good, provided one has passed first class mine manager's certificate. For this, graduate mining engineers need one year mine working experience as 2nd class manager . Mining Engineers are placed in grade E2 after one year of training. A mining engineer with 1st class manager certificate can get elevated to General Manager level. Further one can get selected as Director C, B or A grade by bureau of public enterprises.

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